OUR 3 AXESOur services are based on three main axes:A — Exploring opportunities and setting up in Brazil or France• Awareness of cultural differences and their origins.
• Understanding the business environment.
• Knowledge of local history, rules and practices.
• Being prepared to deal with unexpected situations and bureaucracy.
• Basic knowledge of the local tax and legal systems.
B — Working with Brazilian or French collaborators - Management and Project Management – putting theory into practice in the business world• Understanding and successfully integrating into the business environment.
• Learning how to detect the pitfalls and difficulties of local management styles.
• Being prepared for unforeseen events and understanding the reactions of local collaborators.
• Understanding attitudes and behaviour within the company.
• Status, roles and hierarchy: knowing how to interpret and manage hierarchical relationships.
• Conflict and communication management: relationships in the business world.
• Becoming part of a network.
C — Life as an expat – integrating into life in Brazil or France• A well-prepared departure and arrival: prepare your expatriation before you leave home to lessen the culture shock.
• Well-being: everyone has a role to play in the expatriation project - managing individual and family integration:
    • Spouse/partner.
    • Child/teenager.
    • Family members.
• Positive thinking: manage this period abroad by recognising and making use of your strongest abilities and resources. Consider the expatriate experience as a rewarding professional and personal opportunity.
Training programme objectives• To understand the challenges and your own responsibility in an expatriation project.
• To acquire the tools to better manage your integration and ensure that your international assignment is a success.
• To gain awareness of cultural differences in a positive way.
• To understand the different phases of adaptation and change that you and your family will pass through during expatriation.
• To develop an outlook that allows you to better manage the culture shock and find your own bearings.