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“Suzy and Progressio forged a strong relationship after a conference at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris. Passionate about her own country and extremely enthusiastic about France, Suzy expertly transmits her knowledge of customs and codes of behaviour to ensure a successful intercultural relationship. Two years ago, we also entrusted her with an intercultural training project to coach consultants from various backgrounds (China, Japan and North Africa). Progressio, with the aid of Cultural Interface’s know-how, currently delivers intercultural workshops to personal collaborators from the Réunion des Musées Nationaux et Grand Palais. Suzy knows how to help individuals en route for Brazil maximize their chances of success.”
Cristina Fournier – Fondatrice et Directrice de Progressio

“In Brazil, relations with clients, suppliers, partners and collaborators are completely different from business practices in Europe. Through her own personal experience, Suzy brings a real-life Franco-Brazilian cultural dimension, and her specialised professional experience enables her to flawlessly enlighten us on this crucial factor for success in Brazil.”
Arnaud Bleuez - Director and Partner at BPC Partners. Author of "Brazilian Taxes: what you need to know", edition 2013.

“Her experience and her availability are very useful for defining and responding to needs. She knows how to bridge the gap between the different worlds of Brazil and France, whether you are a PME wanting to set up business in Brazil, or an expatriate from a large group. Suzy is as much a translator of needs as a facilitator of relations between different peoples and worlds.”
Gilles Sabart –Development manager at Saint-Gobain PAM

“The intercultural seminar organised by Grex for ECM Technologies was very well tailored to our request. The contents, expertly targeted, provided the finishing touches to our knowledge of the country and a greater understanding of our Brazilian collaborators, essential factors for the success of our projects. The coach, Suzy Houssiaux-Coutinho, managed to hold our attention for the whole day. We greatly appreciated her seminar - she puts her whole heart into her work!”
Yvan Trouillot — ECM Technologies Directeur commercial chez ECM Technologies

“Her professional experience, strong educational background, and her knowledge and understanding of Brazilian and European cultures make Suzy Houssiaux an extremely valuable advisor for any company wanting to take on and understand the challenges of integrating abroad.
I had the pleasure of co-presenting to a group of business school students with Suzy, and I can vouch for the extremely high quality of her work.
She communicates her real-life experiences and advice with real enthusiasm.”
Santiago Muzio de Place, lawyer at the Lyon and Buenos Aires Bar Association

"I first experienced Suzy’s training when co-presenting with her (having lived in Brazil for ten years myself). I was impressed by her teaching abilities. She drew on her own experience as a native Brazilian to impart an understanding of her country, as well as using historical analyses to shed light on Brazil’s modern-day cultural and socio-economic characteristics. Suzy captivates her audience, whether corporate or other, with her enthusiasm, using both presentations and practical role-playing exercises.”
Pierrick Sann - Board SAV PSA France

“The intercultural training that RegularSwitch received from Cultural Interface a few months before commencing its operations in Brazil continues to be useful on a daily basis. Suzy prepared us to interpret and anticipate simple situations, and this preparation is now allowing us to move forward more easily in Brazil’s social and economic environment.
What we really value from our work with Cultural Interface, are not broad generalisations, but a coherent body of small details that allow us to clearly and calmly analyse situations and behave appropriately. Dealing with Cultural Interface was like an advance trip to Brazil.”
Julien Sappa – Director, RegularSwitch Brazil