CULTURAL INTERFACEAs a training company, Cultural Interface is an expert in intercultural relationship.Cultural Interface is a training company specialising in intercultural relations.

Cultural Interface prepares people who, in a professional or private context, wish to maximize the benefit of their expatriation or assignment from France to Brazil or from Brazil to France.
OUR AUDIENCEWho can benefit from our services?Whether your visit is long or short, we will provide you with our knowledge of the local way of life, our understanding of day-to-day and professional etiquette, as well as logistical, linguistic and cultural information to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Depending on your needs, Cultural Interface is able to work with you to prepare and support your assignment, providing intercultural training, consulting and programme preparation prior to your departure, as well as putting you in contact with the professionals who will manage your arrival and departure.

We help prepare you for your overseas experience, giving you the best chance of achieving the professional or personal objectives motivating your international transfer: setting up overseas, exploring new opportunities or expatriation.

Our services are designed for companies whose employees are required to travel between France and Brazil for business.
• Brazilian companies aiming to maximize the benefit of their employees’ stay in France.
• French professionals travelling for an assignment, exploring new business opportunities, or who want to understand the Brazilian market (setting up business, joint ventures, partnership).
OUR PROGRAMSOur tailor-made intercultural training programmes help you to:• Prepare your programme before your departure.
• Sample the flavour of the welcoming culture through a condensed history of the country.
• Understand cultural traits and local customs.
• Manage your logistics as a whole.

We use customised intercultural training programmes to prepare your team members, enabling them to manage their adaptation and integration in the new country.
Topics covered include:• Professional life: specific features of your industry sector, local management methods, characteristics of on-site teamwork, key factors for a “winning” proposal, etc.
• Private life: socio-cultural integration of the expat and his/her family on the ground, managing the arrival from a personal perspective, developing an understanding of the local culture, values and customs. Preparing children and/or teenagers so that expatriation becomes a family project. Understanding the local social and family structure.

Our training sessions, for either individuals or groups, are based on a modular approach. The consultant-coach first identifies the issue(s) to be addressed and then prepares a customised programme tailored to your employees' existing skills and the topics they wish to cover.